‘Mini’ versions of our selves

One thing about us has changed significantly, which hugely impacts how we engage with brands. Everything we need or seek these days have become smaller. We have become "mini" versions of our usual consuming or consumer selves. A fundamental psychological shift has been the increase in our need to get satisfied immediately. Brands have understood... Continue Reading →


Who are you to build a great product?

Building a great product, are we? We all have been at this juncture in some form or the other. Starting from global organisations to startups to solopreneurs (like myself), building a great product is the starting point of any success story. But these starting points are different for everyone, and which is entirely demarcated by the... Continue Reading →

Taking your brand ‘next door’

I have been neck deep in discussions lately on "adjacency plays". That does sound like another marketing buzzword, but is nothing more but finding opportunities to extend a brand into adjacent categories. To magnify the chances of success of your brand in an adjacent category, the word 'adjacent' requires close attention. It is not about what... Continue Reading →

Marketing your brand to ‘technology’

In Mobile World Congress 2018, Maurice Levy, chairman of Publicis Groupe, made an interesting comment about the future of brands in the world of home technology — “If we go to the extreme — and we’re not there yet — the marketing and communication of tomorrow is computer to computer, where brands will not be marketing... Continue Reading →

Provenance is not only a “Made in….” label

Ex-Hugo Boss art director and fashion designer Bruno Pieters’ company Honest By has been billed as one of the world’s most transparent companies. Pieters not only provides complete clarity on the whole supply chain of his company but also makes consumers aware of the source of each and every thread that has gone into the company’s clothes.... Continue Reading →

Build a brand, build on irrationality

We can blame the evolution of technology for a lot of societal evils, but nothing can take away its positive impact on our own development. On a similar vein, we blame technology for rising consumerism, increase in complexity of life, decline in productivity and a constant state of restlessness. But all this blame game does... Continue Reading →

A strategy for “voice”

According to ComScore (a respected name), close to 50% of search actions will be done through voice by 2020. I am still in the other 50%, having not done a single voice-enabled search till now. But I might "convert" soon. It is a known fact that Amazon's Echo has taken a march over Google Home... Continue Reading →

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