Brands are eternal…let’s debate the right things

The idea to write a longer piece came to me when I saw my 1200 character post getting quite a bit of traction. Below is my original LinkedIn post: “A lot has been written and discussed lately on how we are going to move towards a future where brands don’t exist. Much of this utopian... Continue Reading →


The art of rebuilding

Rebuilding anything is difficult. Rebuilding things that do not have a tangible presence is even more difficult. An architect can recreate a building like for like to the last brick by referring to the plan, design and a set of detailed pictures. A skilled painter can recreate a whole painting to the last brushstroke. A... Continue Reading →

Brand leadership – What does it mean?

Leadership is a much debated subject. The debates range from whether we are born or made as leaders, successful personality traits, do's and dont's, creating more leaders or followers, standing the test of time and hundreds of other topics. But at least there is consensus on who is a leader and what defines leadership. When... Continue Reading →

Brand transformation or re-wiring?

Brand transformation has become a heavyweight term and conjures up visions of hundreds of strategists burning the midnight oil, boardroom strife, war games, million dollar marketing and advertising budgets and staff churn in the process. In reality, what is described above is an organisation's struggle to come to terms with new reality and new ways... Continue Reading →

Are you raising up a resilient brand?

After running the Begin your own tradition campaign for 13 years, Patek Philippe launched their new global campaign titled Generations in 2013. The single common underlying theme between both campaigns is the iconic slogan "You never actually own a Patek Philippe, you merely look after it for the next generation", which has kept its allure and impact for more than... Continue Reading →

Are you a brand or a solution?

Everyone wants to be someone else. Alternately, everyone wants to evolve into someone different. In the case of human beings, who does not like a "new you" (or at least pretend to like one). When we get a new hairstyle, we get praises and brickbats, and then our internal self decides whether it can live... Continue Reading →

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