Conversational brand building is not about #hashtags

For ages, brands have talked to their consumers. In the majority of instances, this 'talk' is one-sided, which is defined as the continuous bombardment that consumers face from advertising stimuli through the day. Consequently all this brand talk has now been degraded to shouting. The sad part is that with the advent of social media... Continue Reading →


We watch “differently”, but not “different” things

The start of a new year often starts interesting conversations (although the new year seems quite far away now). On the very first day of the new year, my wife and I were discussing whether we should cancel our TV subscription and pack the TV away (the box in which it came is still there... Continue Reading →

Build a brand, build on irrationality

We can blame the evolution of technology for a lot of societal evils, but nothing can take away its positive impact on our own development. On a similar vein, we blame technology for rising consumerism, increase in complexity of life, decline in productivity and a constant state of restlessness. But all this blame game does... Continue Reading →

A strategy for “voice”

According to ComScore (a respected name), close to 50% of search actions will be done through voice by 2020. I am still in the other 50%, having not done a single voice-enabled search till now. But I might "convert" soon. It is a known fact that Amazon's Echo has taken a march over Google Home... Continue Reading →

The art of rebuilding

Rebuilding anything is difficult. Rebuilding things that do not have a tangible presence is even more difficult. An architect can recreate a building like for like to the last brick by referring to the plan, design and a set of detailed pictures. A skilled painter can recreate a whole painting to the last brushstroke. A... Continue Reading →

Brand leadership – What does it mean?

Leadership is a much debated subject. The debates range from whether we are born or made as leaders, successful personality traits, do's and dont's, creating more leaders or followers, standing the test of time and hundreds of other topics. But at least there is consensus on who is a leader and what defines leadership. When... Continue Reading →

Brand transformation or re-wiring?

Brand transformation has become a heavyweight term and conjures up visions of hundreds of strategists burning the midnight oil, boardroom strife, war games, million dollar marketing and advertising budgets and staff churn in the process. In reality, what is described above is an organisation's struggle to come to terms with new reality and new ways... Continue Reading →

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