Build on purpose (and not whims)

The choices we make around brands start from our waking hours till the time we go to bed at night. Majority of these are conscious choices while an equal proportion are unconscious.

At any given point in time during the day we are interacting with a brand as a result of a conscious choice or due to imposition by circumstances. We shift between multiple category engagements and also in differing levels of engagements. It is a crazy, but habitual, world of choices and associated experiences. 

Our ability to consciously explore, understand and interrogate experiences we seek is becoming limited. This is due to paucity of time, lack of relevant touch points and also due to market inefficiencies.

A client of mine is now entering a challenging situation where the category they operate in is shrinking, disruptive innovation has redefined category needs and new occasions have emerged where their brand doesn’t resonate with. It is also a category where brand choice is influenced by peer pressure, cohort dynamics and influencers at the point of purchase. 

So what does a brand do in these circumstances, which is true for multiple product categories and segments?

The importance of a strong brand to tide over disruptive trends becomes a more critical need. The point of argument can be that what a brand alone can do when fundamental category dynamics are changing?

The answer is all in the brand and nothing else. Strong brands are future proof entities. They can withstand the tests of time, changing consumer needs and the wild winds of societal, cultural and global changes.

Strong brands have the ability to transcend and generate appeal in evolving categories. There are many oft quoted examples and many non heard ones. The underlying principle of success is the same. The brand’s purpose and proposition is strong and has deep appeal. Strong brands are not built on whimsical platforms that die quick deaths. They are built on platforms that have the ability to remain relevant and purposeful over ages.

The above principles of success apply for strong local brands and also those who have successfully navigated the tidal waves of globalisation.

The call to action for today’s marketers is to revisit the legacies of the brands they are building and make them more meaningful, purposeful and relevant.


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