The future of branding (or “choices”)

The future of branding will not be defined by the platforms available, and nor will it be defined by what marketers can do on those platforms. It will be defined by how we make “choices” and the factors that influence or are going to influence our decision-making. The traditional brand funnel is dead. A consumer can straightaway start... Continue Reading →


Looking inside before venturing outside

So you have made a decision to embark on a strategic brand transformation exercise? That's great for a start, as you have obviously realised that a brand (or a portfolio of brands) you own and manage, needs rebranding to be able to better tap into current and future opportunities. Most organisations get the 'need' for... Continue Reading →

Moving sideways isn’t easy

There is an innate charm about being effortless or natural. It is about not trying too hard, not pretending and not putting on a fake persona. The world's greatest statesmen, politicians, business leaders and speakers have this trait. It is a trait that only few brands have been able to embrace. But what is it about being effortless... Continue Reading →

To adapt is not to survive, it is to win

Adaptability has always been the defining characteristic of the fittest. Adaptability enhances longevity and adds armour to withstand the winds of change. Charles Darwin's immortal "survival of the fittest" adage seems to be getting more and more relevant for brands in today's age. In the animal world, adaptability takes various forms. It includes the ability... Continue Reading →

Reigning in the ‘big’ and ‘significant’

Decision making in a brand strategy formulation and implementation process is getting increasingly hard and complex. Brand strategy in itself requires careful planning and forensic analysis of choices along the way. It also requires the courage to ignore the 'low hanging fruit' and aim for the 'challenging peaks'. Over a period of time, decision making... Continue Reading →

So what?

Till 2-3 years ago marketers built brands. Now they are increasingly being tasked with building 'experiences' (and in many instances with no direct or indirect references to a brand). Previously, selling a brand meant identifying a need or a problem, create a product that solves that problem and finally creating a set of differentiated branded... Continue Reading →

Cooking Up A Culturally Relevant Brand Dish

Originally published at on August 5, 2016. Let’s begin with some bad news. For any brand manager or marketer, the concept of a one-dimensional, static, consistent global brand is dead. If this concept is still living or lurking in a corner of your organisation, force it out and kill it. Just because the same brand name... Continue Reading →

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